As a profession, it is in the best interest of physicians to contribute to causes that help and support their colleagues.


Attracting and retaining the top talent and nurturing potential in Ontario medical schools is critical for the health of Ontarians


Funds raised will ensure Ontario physicians can provide necessary support in times of crisis.

What’s New

2019 Dues Renewal Campaign
The OMF/OMSBF Campaign runs during OMA’s Dues Renewal. The new “My Account” platform launched in October changes the way donations are processed. Changes to how donations are made?
  • Donees are directed to one Online Donation Form on this new website.
  • Gifts by credit card will be automatic.
How does this affect you as a donor?
  • Tax receipts issued the year donation is received
  • Tax receipts sent by email by the end of the month
For more information, please contact us.

Donors & Sponsors

Thank you to our lead donors and sponsors for their support