Named Bursaries

OMSBF Named Bursaries are $2,000 bursaries established by an individual or group to commemorate a physician’s achievements, in memory of a colleague or relative, to support a student pursuing a specific specialty, or from a certain area of the province. STUDENTS MUST APPLY FOR THESE BURSARIES. There are currently 20 Named Bursaries available to medical students. Applicants can apply for multiple Named Bursaries provided they meet the required criteria outlined for the individual bursaries. The criteria fields (below) drop down menu can help you easily identify the Named Bursaries you may qualify for. We do however encourage you to review all bursary’s as you may qualify for others that were not highlighted. When completing the Online Application Form, we ask you to select only the Named Bursaries that you qualify for.

Applications for the 2019/2020 Academic Year closed January 31st. Please check back mid to late November 2020 for details of the next application period.

Named Bursaries – Criteria Fields

  • Year of Study:
  • Location
  • University
  • Specialty
  • Gender