About Us

The Ontario Medical Foundation (OMF) is a charitable foundation established by the Ontario Medical Association(OMA) in 1967. The OMF was created to engage in charitable activities in the field of medicine, primarily related to projects in research and education. Guided by three funding pillars:


As a profession, it is in the best interest of physicians to contribute to causes that help and support their colleagues. Learn More


Attracting and retaining the top talent and nurturing potential in Ontario medical schools is critical for the health of Ontarians Learn More


Funds raised will ensure Ontario physicians can provide necessary support in times of crisis. Learn More

A Message from OMF’s President

Dr. David Esser shares the story behind the Foundation and why he chose Presidency.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Ontario Medical Foundation represents and facilitates the charitable interests and activities of Ontario’s physicians by supporting current and future members of the profession and their communities.

Our Vision

The Ontario Medical Foundation is dedicated to physicians helping physicians.

Our Values

Financial aid where its needed most. Fairness. Responsibility. Innovation and Excellence. Funded by Ontario’s physicians, corporations and sponsors.






The Foundation are governed by a Board of Governors (BoG) consisting of 15 individuals (9 physicians and 6 lay members.) These positions are voluntary.
  • Dr. David Esser, President *
  • Terry Caputo, Treasurer *
  • Sandy Zidaric, Secretary *
  • Dr. Ken Arnold
  • Dr. Greg Athaide
  • Dr. Atul Kapur
  • Dr. James Kovacs
  • Dr. Audrey Karlinsky
  • Dr. Silvy Mathew
  • Dr. Michael Toth
  • Tom Magyarody
  • 1 Physician
  • 3 Lay Members
*Executive Members